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About Us

On-Time Deliveries, Affordable Rates and Professional Partnerships

our journey

RC Frisch Transportation was founded in 2007 to meet transportation needs and demand in New England. Today, we have grown and are now making exceptional network with brokers, manufacturers, warehouses and 3PLs. We pride ourselves on the excellence of on-time delivery, safe driving, customer service and committed drivers, which is what our clientele need. 

About Us

RC FRISCH TRANSPORTATION is, family-owned company based in Harvard, MA. Our team consists of asset based and owner operators. Our owner-operator truck drivers are experienced, professional and are dedicated to our trucking operations. Our company truck drivers have over 5 years of experience and bring a wealth of knowledge in the trucking industry.
RC FRISCH is your one-stop shop for transportation and logistics. We are proud to offer a wide range of services including Intermodal Drayage, Less-Than-Truckload, Port Drayage, Transloading, and Warehousing
We value our customers and highly focus on customer service because we believe that is one of the most important keys to success.
We build strong relationships with all our clients based on our reliability. At RC FRISCH, we always offer our customers strategic solutions, and our focus is to provide quality service in a constantly changing market. Due to our commitment for fast and efficient transportation and dedication to our customers; our clients consider us their transportation partners. 


Ever wondered how to make your customers satisfied? at RC Fisch we understad that time is a golde tool in managing and creating a client bond.Thats a reason to choose us



Overpricing doesn’t make a firm cool but it chases away clients at RC Fisch we maintain a cool protect the client routine by charging a reasonable amount.


We handle all our clents in a proffesional manner, we are blessed to have a team of experienced customer personnel who are always happy to serve you.